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The End Wind: (Written January 1981)
After a long a bitter cold-war of my own (I was engaged in my 8th divorce with my ex-wife Sophie, a lawyer, and staunch anti-proliferationist, who motivated me to write this song- only in retrospect, while I didn’t find it strage then, I realize now it was to get me to sign a contract, allowing her to be paid songwriters royalties for my entire catalogue) I emerged with abounding creative and forward moving energy. The effects of nuclear war are frightening and a real motivator to do the right thing. In this case the right thing was hiding in a cabin in eastern Maine, subsisting on birch bark and sparrow-wine, waiting out the years until I could legally perform again (29).


The End Wind
The end wind a blowin’
Blowin the leaves of doom into America’s room
The end wind a blowin’
A knockin’ at your door with the threat of a really big war
A war so insanely big, really I’m not kidding, it would be devastating
Your eyeballs will melt into a putrid, infernal stew
One that affects me and you
Your precious testes will flay and turn totally black, following a nuclear attack
Did I mention your eyeballs?
I assume I already did, I’m sort of fixated on that fact
Ok, let’s move on
Radiation would give host to a fetid symphony of gross
Boils, tumors and lesions
No more Christmas for you, your torso is split in two
Don’t get me a’ goin’ on mutants
They will totally eat your skin, that’s the pickle we’re currently in
Your eyeballs will melt like plastic
Forming grotesque and terrible scars, skeletons driving cars
The end wind, a’ blowin’
Procreate while you can
Before your semen turns to sand
Water will be an issue
Irrigation throughout the land will be my political stand
Vote Redriver
In a macabre turn of events you never know who you can trust


from Say Hello to Redriver and More!, track released June 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Leonard Redriver Cambridge, Massachusetts

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